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Association Law Offices Targeted
On Wednesday, July 12, the law offices of Mastagni Holstedt were vandalized when someone placed graffiti on the outside of their offices in Sacramento. The Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association is represented by Mastagni Holstedt. It is disheartening to know there are individuals and groups still present in our communities who wish to perpetuate hate, rather than peace. "Some people had to stand up for what's right," Mastagni said. "That's why the flag is in...

Alcohol & Cops: The Risks Are Real
By John BeckerMention the words "police officer" and many images come to mind. One of the most common is someone strong standing in between innocence and danger. Law enforcement officers face so many risks today. Drug use, robberies, and violent crimes are on the rise. Repeat offenders seem to perpetually revolve through the justice system. In years past, police officers held an esteemed position in society. In today's heated climate, it seems more and more people are mistakenly singling police...

Ingredients For Better Law Enforcement Outcomes
In another effort to provide new guidelines on law enforcement's use of force, the National Consensus Policy on Use of Force (NCP) was recently released by 11 major law enforcement leadership organizations. These policies are set out as a template for agencies for comparison with current policies and improve upon them. We welcome their contribution to the debate over use of force, as they are a drastic improvement over the nonsensical policies put forth in 2016 by the Police Executive Research ...

Police Pensions Endangered
California's perpetual debate over public employee pensions has always revolved about what's called the "California rule" – a series of court decisions that seemingly prohibit any changes in pension benefits once they are granted.The debate has intensified in recent years as the California Public Employee Retirement System and other state and local pension systems grapple with multibillion-dollar "unfunded liabilities" for pension benefits and increase mandatory payments from governments to r...


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