Alcohol & Cops: The Risks Are Real

By John Becker

Mention the words "police officer" and many images come to mind. One of the most common is someone strong standing in between innocence and danger. Law enforcement officers face so many risks today. Drug use, robberies, and violent crimes are on the rise. Repeat offenders seem to perpetually revolve through the justice system. In years past, police officers held an esteemed position in society. In today's heated climate, it seems more and more people are mistakenly singling police out as a problem, instead of part of the solution. So how does an officer handle the stress?

Watch any movie portraying the life of a police officer and you are guaranteed to witness a strong yet broken hero who deals with the pressures of their work with a double, on the rocks at their favorite bar. Maybe it's a film highlighting the brotherhood law enforcement officers share. Inevitably a scene or two involves everyone from the shift at a neighborhood bar, passing pitchers around in celebration or commiseration.

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