Association Law Offices Targeted

On Wednesday, July 12, the law offices of Mastagni Holstedt were vandalized when someone placed graffiti on the outside of their offices in Sacramento.

The Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association is represented by Mastagni Holstedt. It is disheartening to know there are individuals and groups still present in our communities who wish to perpetuate hate, rather than peace.

"Some people had to stand up for what's right," Mastagni said. "That's why the flag is in the corner of that parking lot. And, it will continue to fly at half-mast every single time an officer is killed in the line of duty."
David P. Mastagni

We would like to thank Sacramento Councilman Steve Hansen who volunteered his time to go to the law office and clean the graffiti. It's actions like Councilman Hansen's which need to occur more frequently in our great country.

Regardless of where a vandalism occurs or who the victims are, the men and women of the Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association will enforce the laws of the State of California without prejudice.

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This incident was originally reported by reporter Mike Luery of KCRA in Sacramento.

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