Twelve Truths About Lying

Michael Josephson is an influential and internationally renowned champion of character education for youth and ethical conduct in business, government, policing, journalism, sports, healthcare, and law. He is credited by many as the person most responsible for reviving and professionalizing the character education in school and youth-serving organizations.

Recently, a MOCODSA member found an article written by Michael about some identifying elements of liars, that we wanted to share with the membership.

  1. ​Honesty may not always pay, but lying always costs.
  2. Trust is a tower, built stone by stone, lies take stones from the bottom.
  3. There is no security in secrecy; every undiscovered lie is a live landmine.
  4. Lies breed a bodyguard of new lies to protect themselves.
  5. Lies look very different to the person lied to than the person telling the lie.
  6. Rationalizing, justifying or trying to minimize a lie only deepens distrust.
  7. When we are lied to we wonder: "What else have you lied to me about?"
  8. It only takes one lie to make you a liar or distrust someone who lied to you.
  9. Apologies for lying help but they can't remove the scar or heal the wound.
  10. You can't disguise lies in half-truths or silence; a lie is a lie.
  11. Lying is not only dishonest; it's disrespectful.
  12. When you lie to a liar your still a liar.

Who is Michael Josephson?

Here is a sample video from YouTube of Michael Josephson speaking to some police chiefs back in 2009. Click here if you would like to learn more about Michael and the Josephson Institute.



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